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We pride ourselves on making property management stress free.
Our aim is to provide you with high- quality property management services and to maximise your financial return.

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Why Ausin?

Our work begins from the moment we’re appointed as your managing agent.
Let us make the maintenance of your property as simple as possible.

Tenant Management

Communication is key to a successful tenancy. From the outset, we prepare the tenancy agreement and all paperwork for the tenant. We inform them of the conditions and requirements on the lease.

Collecting Rent and Controlling Arrears

With a collection success rate of close to 100%, we make it our priority to ensure your rent is paid on time.

Inspections and Reports

Between every tenancy, we prepare concise ingoing and outgoing inspection reports. We also perform detailed inspections every 6 months, and for new tenants, one in the first 3 months.

Repairs and Maintenance

We closely monitor any required repairs and respond accordingly after consulting with you.

Rent Reviews

We conduct regular rent reviews to ensure the right balance between maximising your return and tenant retention.

Tenant Disputes and Grievances

Although rare, our team are taught to manage disputes with the utmost professionalism. If needed, we can apply to the relevant authority for a hearing (VCAT, NCAT or QCAT) and attend on your behalf.

Payment of Outgoings

We manage the prompt payment of outgoings, such as water and council rates, from your rent.


It’s extremely important you take out landlord insurance on your investment property. We make provider recommendations to you and pay the premiums out of the rent on your behalf.

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